Fall Out Boy Singles & Music Video - Beat It (Fall Out Boy song) (from: **** Live in Phoenix)

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Background, recording and release

In early 2008 it was announced that pop punk band Fall Out Boy were to cover "Beat It" for their **** Live in Phoenix album. The band had previously performed the song at venues such as Coors Amphitheatre and festivals such as the Carling Weekend in Leeds. Bassist Pete Wentz, who has claimed to have an obsession with Jackson, stated that prior to recording the song, he would only watch Moonwalker. It was also announced that John Mayer was to add the guitar solo previously played by Eddie Van Halen.
Patrick Stump stated that the band had not planned to cover the song. "Basically, I just started playing the riff in sound-check one day, and then we all started playing it, and then we started playing it live, and then we figured we'd record it and put it out with our live DVD." Pete Wentz added that the band had not originally intended for the song to be released as a single either. "'Beat It' seemed like a song that would be cool and that we could do our own take on", he said. Having spent time deciding on a guitarist for the song, Wentz eventually called John Mayer to add the guitar solo. "We were trying to think about who is a contemporary guitar guy who's going to go down as a legend", Wentz later noted.
Upon its digital release as a single in April 2008, Fall Out Boy's cover of "Beat It" became a mainstay on iTunes' Top 10 chart. The song charted at number 13 in Australia and 14 in New Zealand. The cover reached number 75 in Austria and peaked at 98 in the Netherlands.[70] The Times claimed that the cover was "pointless".


Music video

The music video for Fall Out Boy's "Beat It" was directed by Shane Drake, and was made in homage to Jackson. "I think when you're doing a Michael Jackson cover, there's this expectation that you're going to do one of his videos verbatim", Stump said. "What we decided to do was kind of inspired by Michael Jackson and the mythology of him. There are specific images that are reference points for us, but at any given point, it's not any of his videos. It's kind of all of his videos, all at once, but on a Fall Out Boy budget, so it's not quite as fancy". The costumes for the video were similar to the originals. "My costume is this take on one of the guys from Michael Jackson's original 'Beat It' video, like, the guy who plays the rival dancer", Wentz said during the filming of the video. The music video featured numerous cameos, including a karate class/dance session being taught by Tony Hale. The short film later received a MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Rock Video.



Chart____________Peak position
Australian Singles Chart: 13
Austrian Singles Chart: 75
Dutch Singles Chart: 98
New Zealand Singles Chart: 14
U.S. Billboard Hot 100: 19
U.S. Billboard Pop 100: 21


"Beat It"

Single by Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer
from the album **** Live in Phoenix

Released: March 25, 2008
Format: Digital download
Recorded: 2008
Genre: rock
Length: 3:48
Label: Island
Producer: Fall Out Boy


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