Fall Out Boy Singles & Music Video - Dance, Dance (Fall Out Boy song) (from: From Under The Cork Tree)

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"Dance, Dance" is the second single from Fall Out Boy's third studio album From Under the Cork Tree. Released in 2006, the single reached #9 in the U.S., becoming their second Top 10 single. It also reached #6 on the Pop 100. The single reached #8 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming their second Top 10 hit there as well. The song is featured in What A Catch, Donnie.
This song has been included in multiple video games; Burnout Revenge, Madden 2006, the home version of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA, SingStar Pop Hits, the US version of SingStar Rocks!, and as downloadable content for Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 for the PlayStation 3.[1] It also appeared on the Brazilian and Argentinian version of Infinity on High, From Under the Cork Tree's 2007 follow-up. Pete Wentz prevented the Kidz Bop Kids from singing this on Kidz Bop 10 because of the sexual overtones to the song.
The demo for the song includes an extra verse that was later cut out of the original.


Track listing

CD #1:
"Dance, Dance" - 3:00
""It's Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine, I am Thinking It Must be Love"" - 2:11
CD #2:
"Dance, Dance" - 3:00
"A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me"" - 2:49
7" vinyl:
"Dance, Dance" - 3:00
"Sugar, We're Goin Down" (Zane Lowe Session - London 2006) - 3:49


Music video

The music video shows the members of the band performing at a homecoming dance, and simultaneously attending as nerdier versions of themselves.
The music video was filmed at the famous Salesian High School, which is located in New Rochelle, New York, a suburb of New York City. A cameo is made by Ben Jorgensen of the rock group Armor for Sleep as well as Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.
The video for "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" is a continuation of this video, showing the fans as being cardboard, and the whole thing being fake. Pete's date in the video is one of the attendees at Pete's funeral in this video.
The "Dance, Dance" music video premiered on October 11, 2005, and has been subsequently retired from Total Request Live.
The picture on the back of the book that Andy Hurley is reading at a scene where he is on the bleachers is also on the album From Under the Cork Tree.
Katrina Bowden, best known now as Cerie in television series 30 Rock, features heavily in this video clip.
The black and white striped jacket Patrick was wearing in the video can be seen in the music video for Fall Out Boy's music video, What a Catch, Donnie.



The video won Viewer's Choice Award at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.
Ranked at # 39 for Rolling Stone's Best 100 Songs of 2006.


"Dance, Dance"

Single by Fall Out Boy
from the album From Under the Cork Tree

Released: October 17, 2005 (US)
April 17, 2006 (UK)
Format: Digital download, CD, 7", DVD
Genre: Pop punk
Length: 3:00
Label: Island / Def Jam
Writer(s): Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz
Producer: Neal Avron
Certification: 2x Platinum (RIAA)


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