Fall Out Boy Singles & Music Video - The Carpal Tunnel of Love (Fall Out Boy song) (from: Infinity On High)

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"The Carpal Tunnel of Love" is a song on the Fall Out Boy album, Infinity on High. It was originally leaked online by the band, and later given to iTunes as a digital download before Infinity on High was released. In addition, a web-exclusive video was released, but later saw televised airplay on Music Choice On-Demand.
The song was not a true single release, but was simply given out early by the band to give fans a taste of the album. The first true single from the album was "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race".


Lyrical content

Some elements of the lyrics were alleged to have been stolen from the works of Give Up the Ghost/Some Girls singer and lyricist Wesley Eisold, who sued the band for copyright infringement after the song was released. Eisold was credited in the album liner notes. Fall Out Boy settled out of court.[1] The song title is a combination of carpal tunnel syndrome and the well known "Tunnel of Love" ride.


Music video

On February 5, 2007, the music video was made available on Fall Out Boy's website and was directed by Happy Tree Friends creator Kenn Navarro. Apart from the characters of Happy Tree Friends, the video also follows a plot where Cuddles and Giggles have fallen in love, and the video is about Cuddles' attempts to express his love to Giggles. The video starts with Cuddles arriving at the bus stop. He and Giggles see each other at the same time, falling in love. Cuddles tries to put his arm around Giggles, but Lumpy sits down between them, so Cuddles tries to find a different way of flirting with her. He spots Toothy trimming a flowery shrub, and gets an idea. Cuddles runs over and picks some flowers, which, unbeknowst to the characters, are housing a fairly large bee. Cuddles runs back to Giggles just as Toothy, who finishes shaping the shrub into a heart, is stung in the eye by the bee. Cuddles tries to give Giggles the flowers, but Lumpy has an allergic reaction and starts sneezing, blowing them apart. The bus (with an acorn printed on the side) finally arrives, and Lumpy ends up sitting next to Giggles, leaving Cuddles by himself. Cuddles tries to give a love letter to Giggles, but Lumpy uses it to wipe his runny nose, and throws it out the window. It hits Nutty in the face, who's driving behind on a scooter. Nutty loses control and drives into a truck carrying iron pipes, which impale him in numerous places. Meanwhile, the bus arrives at a cafe. Giggles and Cuddles enter together, followed by Lumpy and Toothy. Lumpy slams the door behind him on Toothy's swollen eye, which disconnects from Toothy's head and flies into an ice cream container. Cuddles and Giggles sit down and are about to kiss when The Mole, who's the cafe waiter, places an ice cream soda between them. (meanwhile the Fall Out Boy members enter) They both starting drinking it before spitting it back up in disgust, and the soda clears up to reveal Toothy's eye at the bottom of the glass. Cuddles pushes the glass off the table in desperation and the eye rolls out across the floor, coming to a stop underneath Lumpy's foot. Lumpy steps on the eye and looks down to see the remains on his foot, which give him the shock of his life. He runs out of the cafe, slamming the door open so hard that it crushes the one-eyed Toothy against the wall. He then proceeds to steal a tow truck in order to drive away. Unfortunately, Lumpy accidentally drives backwards into the cafe's wall. The truck's hook gets stuck to the cafe's ceiling, and as Lumpy drives forward, it tightens, slicing The Mole in two. The cafe is dragged along behind, running over the band members and sending their heads rolling along with it. Lumpy is then stung in the eye by a bee (probably the same one) sending him careening into the same truck that killed Nutty. Lumpy gets up to find the truck's rope wrapped around his horns and tightening. He presses down on the accelerator pedal through reflex, which causes the back wheel to launch a couple of pipes through the air. Giggles and Cuddles are just coming out of the cafe when they're impaled by one of the pipes. The rope continues to tighten and rips off Lumpy's head, revealing his spine. Giggles slides down the pipe, which is stuck into a tree, and into Cuddles, which gives the appearance that their kissing, though they're dead. In a unusual manner for Happy Tree Friends, all the characters in the video, including the Fall Out Boy members, are killed in a graphic and ultraviolent manner (in most episodes some characters usually survives, this is one of few episodes where every appearing character dies, similar to Class Act episode). The only character not killed is the unseen bus driver that drives Cuddles, Giggles, and Lumpy to the cafe.


Happy Tree Friends characters in the video

The Mole


In Popular Culture

This song was featured in the Sony video game, MLB 07: The Show.



Chart (2007) Peak Position

U.S. Billboard Hot 100: 81
U.S. Billboard Pop 100: 67


"The Carpal Tunnel of Love"

Single by Fall Out Boy
from the album Infinity on High

Released: February 5, 2007
Format: Digital single
Recorded: 2006
Genre: Alternative rock, melodic hardcore
Length: 3:23
Label: Fueled by Ramen
Island Def Jam
Producer: Neal Avron


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