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last day with the fam
August 25th, 2009 posted by xprofessionalx

so, tonight is the last night for a couple months that we will all be together and im super bummed. its been such an awesome summer with these dudes. we just did podcast #7 (1 of 2 or 3 we are doing tonight and tomorrow), and it was the best and funnest yet. we just have the best time together. we had an awesome sunday brunch the day i got home from 1st half of blink tour, an awesome lunch yesterday and today, and just some good bro down round table talks. some go dick and boob art came out of yesterday's session! id add it, but im not sure its too appropriate. haha.
and sorry the webstore is taking so long. we've been promised friday to have it done, but we will see. the dude working on the credit authorization shit has been flaky as fuck. i hope this finally gets finished.
ill see some of you at reading and leeds, and then on the second leg of the blink tour (for us). the blink tour has been phenomenal by the way. awesome dudes, and amazing shows.

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