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Joseph Mark Trohman (born September 1, 1984 in Hollywood, Florida) is the lead guitarist of the Chicago-based band Fall Out Boy.
The son of a cardiologist, Trohman was raised in South Russell, Ohio before moving to the Chicago area. His family is Jewish, although he noted to JVibe, "I think we were more Jewish culturally than we were religiously because after my brother's bar mitzvah, we stopped going to synagogue entirely." Trohman and Pete Wentz attended New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, and the two briefly played together in a band called Arma Angelus. Trohman then met Patrick Stump at a Borders bookstore in Chicago, leading to the formation of the band Fall Out Boy.
Trohman collects guitars, and has designed an electric guitar for Washburn Guitars called the Joe Trohman Washburn Idol.[8] He is also a Star Wars enthusiast, and told, "I still collect tons of action figures. My closet in my apartment is full - 95% of Star Wars toys."
Trohman's house in Chicago was featured in a 2007 episode of MTV Cribs.

One slept in the kennels.
Once the blond head.
He lip-read.
He says that it only Cocoa Crispies.Nejí any other cereals.
The Jew.
It is the youngest member of Fall Out Boy.
It zealot video games and Star Wars.
It is a fan of The Smiths and Morrissey.
He had a smaller role in the American series''One Tree Hill''
As the only group of smoking.


Joe Trohman

Background information

Birth name: Joseph Mark Trohman
Born: September 1, 1984
Origin: Hollywood, Florida
Genre(s): Emo,Alternative rock, Pop pun,. Punk rock
Years active: 1998-present
Label(s): Decaydance, Island Records
Notable instrument(s):Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, Washburn Signature Model
Influences: Food
Favorite drink: A Non Alcoholic Beer
Movies: Edward Střihoruký, Ninja Turtles, Lord of the Rings
Video games: Final Fantasy VII
Aliases: Duckhuhsnr, Froman and Brosef
Shoes: flip flops


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