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Patrick Stump (born Patrick Martin Stumph, April 27, 1984) and raised in Glenview, Illinois, is an Irish American singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, and music critic. Most notably, he is a composer, lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and occasional pianist of Fall Out Boy, an American band from Chicago, Illinois. He has also begun producing the works of other bands, such as Gym Class Heroes, Tyga, and Cobra Starship, among others.



Before Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump was the drummer of a few suburban Chicago bands. Despite originally auditioning as the drummer for Fall Out Boy, and having no previous experience singing in a band, he became the somewhat reluctant lead singer after his vocal range was discovered. Several lineup changes were to follow, and he then began playing rhythm guitar for the band. At this point, current drummer Andrew Hurley was also brought in. Following a 2002 Split EP with Project Rocket, the band's first full-length album, Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend, was released in 2003 on Uprising Records, though they shortly left the label to sign to Fueled By Ramen. They released Take This To Your Grave in 2003, their second full-length album. It's been credited with earning the band's first significant fanbase, as well as some minor commercial success.
In 2003, Stump and his bandmates went on to sign with Island Records, and released the acoustic-based EP My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue CD and DVD in 2004. This was followed with their third studio album, From Under The Cork Tree, which went double-platinum in 2005. Their fourth studio album, Infinity On High, was released to generally positive reviews in 2007, and their most recent album, Folie à Deux, was released on December 15 and 16, 2008 in Europe, and United States/worldwide, respectively.
In a Rolling Stone interview with Patrick, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds said of him, "Patrick is one of the baddest dudes I've seen in a long time... He has a great voice -- very soulful."
In Fall Out Boy, Stump writes the majority of the music for the band, while bassist Pete Wentz writes the majority of the lyrics. Guitarist Joe Trohman said of Patrick, "I guess Patrick is some kind of musical genius - he's a total mad scientist."


Music Projects

As a producer, along with a handful of Fall Out Boy tracks, Stump has worked with The Hush Sound on Like Vines, Gym Class Heroes on As Cruel As School Children, and Cobra Starship on ¡Viva La Cobra!. He also produced a track on Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. In 2008, he executive- and co-produced The Cab's Whisper War and Gym Class Heroes' The Quilt, as well as several tracks on Tyga's No Introduction. He is currently said to be working with Cobra Starship and The Cab again on their upcoming records.
In addition to producing albums, Stump has also remixed various tracks for soundtracks or special releases. Among various others, he's notably provided a "Queen Of Apology" remix for The Sounds on the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack, a remix of the Fall Out Boy single "Dance, Dance" available on the Sugar, We're Goin' Down EP, a "Sugar We're Goin Down" remix on Fall Out Boy's From Under the Cork Tree special edition release, and "Pace Yourself" for The Higher on their album, On Fire. He has also recently remixed Good Charlotte's "Little Things" for their remix compilation, Greatest Remixes.


Guest appearances
Year: Song: Artist Album:

2005 "Cupid's Chokehold" Gym Class Heroes The Papercut Chronicles

2005 "Everything Is Alright" Motion City Soundtrack Commit This to Memory

2006 "Second Chances" October Fall A Season In Hell

2006 "Don't Wake Me Up" The Hush Sound Like Vines

2006 "One Day I'll Stay Home" Misery Signals Mirrors

2007 "If You Could Remember (With Pete Wentz, Bassist of Fall Out Boy) Damnation A.D. In This Life or the Next

2007 "One and Only" Timbaland Shock Value

2007 "Clothes Off!!" Gym Class Heroes As Cruel as School Children

2007 "Cupid's Chokehold" Gym Class Heroes As Cruel as School Children

2007 "King of Wishful Thinking" New Found Glory From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II

2007 All tracks on "¡Viva la Cobra!" Cobra Starship ¡Viva La Cobra!

2007 "Little Weapon" (producer/songwriter) Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco's the Cool

2008 "One of THOSE Nights" (with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco) The Cab Whisper War

2008 "I'm a Wonder" The Cab Whisper War

2008 "Birthday Girl" The Roots Rising Down

2008 "Don't Regret It Now" Tyga No Introduction

2008 "Blinded by the Sun" Gym Class Heroes The Quilt

2008 "That's What It Takes, Dear" KRISTEENYOUNG Music For Strippers, Hookers, and The Odd On-Looker

2008 "Little Things (Patrick Stump Remix)" Good Charlotte Greatest Remixes

2009 "Open Happiness" Coca-Cola Company Coke Commercial


Other projects

Patrick is a contributing writer for Rolling Stone where he reviews albums.
Patrick also has his own website that he often writes on to inform people of his newest projects.
In January 2008, Stump was a guest star on the television crime-drama Law & Order. He appeared in the Season 18 two-hour premiere as Marty Dressler, a lowly employee of an electrical company, who is suspected in the kidnapping of the wife and daughter of an executive. The episode, titled "Darkness", aired on January 2, 2008 on NBC. He was not paid for this episode.
Patrick has also been working on a film of his own creation called Moustachette.
On February 1, 2009, Gretsch released the G5135P5 Electromatic Stump-O-Matic Signature Guitar, created by Gretsch that is based on their model body with personal stylings by Patrick Stump such as a "kill switch" and stripes. Also, Patrick signed and gave away one of his signature guitars that he used to record their fifth album, Folie à Deux.



Fall Out Boy is the first band where he sings, never before took an hour of singing.
Patrick is like a clip from the Outkast "Hey Ya".
His favorite song live is "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today"
If by Patrick could be any character from the video game would be Megamanem.
He wrote most of the texts on the album Take This to Your Grave, as well as the debut album Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend. His lyrics usually reflect his personal feelings during the study in high school.
He wants to call him Patrick, no! Pat! [His mother called him so]
Prefers to sleep in a sitting position.
When he was 16 decided on its name to remove Stumph h due to frequent errors.
Does not like it when people fotí.
It can also play the drums, piano, trumpet.
As a producer worked with The Hush Sound and Gym Class Heroes, where he sang in a successful song Cupid's Chokehold.
Recently in an interview for MTV said: "According to Wikipedia, my voice is a tenor, but I think it's not in my power''


Patrick Stump

Background information

Birth name: Patrick Martin Stumph
Born: April 27, 1984 Evanston, Illinois
Origin: Ireland
Genre(s): Emo, Alternative Rock, Pop Punk, Pop Rock
Years active: 2000-present
Label(s): Island Records, Fueled by Ramen, Decaydance
Notable instrument(s): Gibson SG Guitars, Mesa Dual Rectifier Gead, Marshall Cabinet
Favorite drink: Mr Pibb
Influences: Lots of famous
Film: Rushmore
My favorite statement: "Peace is a new volume"
Favorite video game: Kid Icarus
Nicknames: cookie jar, xtumpx and health bar
Footwear: Saucon


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