The Prince Of Sealand E-Mails Us About Fall Out Boy

18. srpna 2009 v 20:08 | LiL Pete |  NEWS

Last week, I received an e-mail from royalty ... and not of the Nigerian Prince variety.

No, this e-mail came from His Royal Highness Prince Regent Michael, the heir to the throne of Sealand, a sovereign sorta-nation located six miles off the southeast coast of England, on a seafort abandoned by the British navy after World War II. There was no accompanying fanfare in his note, nothing official or monarchical, or even remotely formal about the email - and no, he wasn't asking for $50 million, either. Basically, he wanted to talk to me about Fall Out Boy.

See, this was a few days after I had written a story about FOB wanting to play a comeback show on Sealand. (As long as, according to Pete Wentz, "passports, safe entry and a lot of Sealand bucks are guaranteed.") And needless to say, Prince Michael was interested in making it happen.

You can read his full e-mail (sent from the royal iPhone, no less) after the jump.

"Hey James -
Thank you for the story. It makes me sound old to say I haven't heard of Fall Out Boy, but my sons say they are AWESOME. So if you would like to put us in touch with them, 'Lets rock' (or whatever we say these days). I am on a sunny beach in Greece sipping a cold beer looking forward to hearing from them.

Best wishes
Michael of Sealand

Sent from Michael's iPhone
'Nill illigitimi carborundum'"

BTW, the Latin phrase at the end of his e-mail roughly translates to "Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down," which, when combined with the whole "sunny beach/cold beer" line, is pretty much definitive proof that Prince Michael is a pretty rad dude.

Anyway, over the weekend, I sent the royal decree on to Wentz, who called it "Amazing," and instructed me to pass Prince Michael's contact info along to his managers, which I did. So, basically, there is now a very real chance the FOB Sealand show might actually happen. And if it does, I need to be there. You owe it to me, Prince Michael.


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