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Blogspot Update from Joe: ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?

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I posted that very line on my twitter account tonight, only to be disgusted by the amount of people that A) thought I was reciting Nickelback lyrics and B) we're so excited that I had recited (unintentionally!) Nickelback lyrics. I then proceeded to wash my face and backside of my penis with battery acid.

Anyway, I meant to reference the show Party Down!, which I have been obsessed with ever since it's debut late last year:

Between this show, Step Brothers, and Eastbound and Down, I started to realize that I really liked
Adam Scott as a comedian/actor/handsome faux douchebag. He did a movie last year called The Vicious Kind
that I recommend scoping. It's equally hilarious as it is depraved and depressing.

Also, what do we have here:


It's mother nature's whore child!

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New Clandestine Line Monday

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NEW Lemon Guy by Lora Zombie - $15 clandestineindustries.com/

Holy Blowout, Pauly D... 

For a limited time only: All Clandestine Tees are $15 or less, all hoodies $35 or less, and Death of Neon screenprints are $10! We're trying to clear some room for a MASSIVE amount of new CLAN merch coming soon. Hint, hint... (the image gives you a sneak peek of just a few of the great new designs in the works). So act now, and get those shirts & hoodies you've always wanted at the lowest prices ever!


What happened to Jensen?

NEW Update from Pete Wentz.com !!! 0.65

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since i always wear the most horrendous clothes. i figured id let you pick how bad its gonna be at the derby on saturday. i dont really know how to do a poll on here. so whichever you guys wanna see me looking like a jerk-ass in just write and ill go with it. trust me both will turn out hilarious. good to have some levity in life. oh im also just gonna bet on the horse with the most awesome name.

Fuck City Blog Update: 4.28.10 workout

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first workout on tour. trying to get back to a regular schedule. thanks to gymjones.com and simpleirontruth.com for the inspiration… (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u0RVFpRNKU
kettlebell fun day today with my 16k kbs.

-kettlebell complex:
10x RTW (each direction)+

10x figure 8 front to back+

10x figure 8 back to front+

10x goblet squat+

10x one arm swing (both arms)+

Patrick at the Earth Day Rally

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You are a ridiculous dude

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Get ready for more of The Ready SETisodes - exclusive to Lockerz. This week we present "Marketing." With CD sales in decline, CEO Pete Wentz comes up with some crafty other ways to generate profits.

Pete Wentz + Snuggi= Lockerz love like woe.

Blogspot Update from Joe

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I Can't Wait to Eat That Monkey
I was in the mood for meatballs today. Then I read an article about a few folks who we're recently arrested for selling monkey meatballs, off The Huffington Post website:

A couple in Indonesia have been arrested for selling monkey meat in their meatball soup.

The animal in question was a rare Javan langur, also known as a silver-leaf monkey, which can be found

in Baluran National Park in East Java, Indonesia, according to a statement from a local animal rights group, ProFauna.

The meat was used in basko, a meatball soup that is a popular dish in the country.

A local police chief said the couple admitted to selling the meat for six years. Monkey bones, tails and skins were found at their home, according to the Telegraph. The couple could face up to five years in jail.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how easy it would be to procure monkey meat, just in case I wanted to serve up my own monkey meatball chowder.

I ventured over to a website called PetsorFood.com, via a Google search for "canned monkey meat" and found this:

Spider Monkey
This item has recently moved out of our exotics line due to a special arrangement we've come to with the government of Mozambique. Our processing plant in Obijalla prepares a regional Spider Monkey Delight dish, flash freezes it and ships it to us on a weekly basis. This is without question the freshest Spider Monkey meat available in the West.
- $89.99 each (Ready to Eat™ only)

Too bad this isn't real, because it would be really delicious!

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Patrick Stump with The Roots

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Watch It HERE !!!

Pete Wentz with family in Hawaii vacation

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Wentz Family Vacation In Hawaii

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+ more pics HERE

A bikini-clad Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz doted son Bronx, 1, in Hawaii Tuesday.

(Courtesy of: usmagazine.com)

Joe's new blog: Anyway! ; Opinions, they're like tits...

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First entry down! The racist butt was a hit. If you can't laugh at a flamboyant Nazi unicorn on a man's butt, then you have to check out this thing called comedy. Comedy was a big hit in the 80s with such phrases as "Smooth moove exlax!" heating up the charts like a wildfire.

From here on out, imagine I'm a 45 year old Jewish dad, with zero filter and a plethora of grandpa jokes at hand. If you can do that every time you read this blog, you'll find it funny, endearing or at least laughable in some sense.

If you've built me up to be anything more, you'll be disappointed.

Anyway, sitting in a studio, trying to finish up this The Damned Things record. We're sort of working in a roundabout way, getting most of the vocals tracked before laying down the remainder of the guitars. It's going well, should have this thing totally tracked by the end of May, and will hopefully have some tunes ready for people to audibly intake before then.

I don't expect a lot of people to make it out to the few headlining gigs we're doing in Europe/UK, but I'd hope to see some of you there. As much as I goof, the support is huge. To those of you that have pledged support so early on, I thank you.

I have no idea what this blog will entail, or how long I will keep it going. I'm very fickle with blogs and social networking. I don't trust it. But I have a lot of trust in the following:

-My ability to constantly forget to pay bills
-Ignoring my food allergies

Upgrade Or Unrecognizable: Patrick Stump

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Watch it more videos HERE, HERE, HERE

Posted 7 hrs ago by Leslie Simon in Celebrity, Music

When Patrick Stump showed up at the Climate Rally/Earth Day Celebration in Washington, D.C., this past weekend, we couldn't help but notice how svelte the former Fall Out Boy frontman has become over the last 12 months. In fact, we almost didn't recognize him!

Call us crazy, but we kinda liked when the pop-rocker had a lil' more meat on his bones. What about you? Has Patrick Stump's makeover given him a newfound sexiness -- or left him completely unrecognizable?

Thankfully, one thing that hasn't changed is Stump's fancy footwork. Check out his Earth Day rendition of the Bobby Womack classic "If You Think You're Lonely Now" in the video below.

Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz And Bronx: Homeward Bound

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+ more pictures HERE

Drawing an end to their fun-filled family getaway, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were spotted with son Bronx at the Maui Airport in Hawaii on Tuesday (April 27).

Following a week-long stay in the tropical island locale, the "Pieces of Me" singer and her Fall Out Boy hubby were all smiles as they made their way into the terminal ahead of the flight back to the mainland.

The trip comes as Ashlee enjoys some much-deserved time off following a long run on Broadway for the stage show "Chicago".

Meanwhile, Pete continues to be active on his Twitter account, dishing words of wisdom over the weekend by saying, "It took me about 25 years to learn one of the most important lessons of my life: you can't put out one fire with another fire."

(Courtesy of: celebrity-gossip.net)

Fuck City Blog Updates: 4.26.10 workout

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unintentionally took last week off due to a busy tour schedule. travel to venue, play show, head to next venue, sleep in van somewhere. no showers, and no time to even take my kettlebells out. but im back again. here we go.

warmup with bodyweight exercises, yoga poses.
cleans-5x bar/5x 65#/5x 75/5x 85/3x 95/3x 105/1x 115
5x 5 manmakers @20# (5 db pushups with rows into push press)

Misery Signals in Milwaukee!
April 25th, 2010 posted by Rossman

Misery Signals haven't played a show in their hometown of Milwaukee in almost 2 years. Come on out and PARTY!


Angels & Kings LA NEW OPEN !

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From Patrick Stump to Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Musicians, Activists, and Celebrities Muse on the Meaning

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What does Patrick Stump have to say about Earth Day? It turns out...a lot. Image credit: Nancy Wilson

Big events draw big names, and the Climate Rally on the National Mall was no exception. Musicians from the Roots to Patrick Stump, Bob Weir to Sting took the stage to entertain the crowds between speeches from celebrities and activists including James Cameron, Margaret Atwood, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Dhani Jones.

TreeHugger was able to catch up with several of these special guests to ask their opinion on the meaning of Earth Day. Don't miss these videos to see what they said.

(Courtesy of: treehugger.com)

Pete Wentz on Warped

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The Warped Tour Kicks Off
by David Marchese

No. 64 in Spin's The 100 Moments that Rocked Our World, May 2010 issue

August 4, 1995: Sublime headlined the first edition of the traveling recess period that is the Warped Tour, topping a bill that on some dates included No Doubt, L7, and Deftones. But the bands that played were ultimately less important than the fans who came to see them. "Pop punk was still breaking back then" recalls blink-182 bassist and four-time Warped vet Mark Hoppus. "Some of us had sold records already, but our fans were still going to shows in small clubs or underground venues that the mainstream didn't know existed. The Warped Tour let everyone know that there were huge numbers of kids out there who wanted to see our kind of music."

What started as a cultural confirmation quickly became a rite of passage, both for bands and their legions of boosters. "My mom definitely wasn't keen on it, but I remember going to Warped when I was 16- way before I went to any other festival," says Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who played the tour in 2004 and 2005. "For a lot of people, the Warped Tour is their first big rock show. You go and it's like, 'Holy fuck, there's A.F.I. and Rise Against and My Chemical Romance. This scene is way bigger than what's happening in my high school.' Then, as a musician, it's where you cut your teeth. Half the crowd is waiting for you to finish so the next band can come on and play. That forces you to learn how to win people over in a short period of time."

Though the tour, sponsored by Vans since 1996, has taken its share of traditionalists' guff in recent years for booking decidedly nonpunk acts such as Katy Perry and Matisyahu, it is, as Hoppus says, "part of the culture now." And as far as warm-weather rituals go, it beats the bejesus out of going to summer school.

-from Spin magazine

Happy 26th B’Day Patrick Stump

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From all of us here at Fall Out Boy star blog, we'd like to wish Mr. Patrick Stump a wonderful and joyful birthday!!!

We hope it's a good one this year!

Patrick Stump on Why Earth Day Matters

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Photos of Patrick from the Climate Rally

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Click HERE for more PIX !!!