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The Damned Things in RockSound

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Fuck City Blog Updates: 7.26.10 sleep/diet/recovery....

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7.26.10 sleep/diet/recovery
8 hrs with massive interruptions
oatmeal with almond milk and soy protein powder mixed in, sliced almonds, maple syrup, udo's oil, banana slices
soy protein shake with choc soy milk, 3 sprays braggs, udo's oil, spinach, tbsp pb
2 gardein chicken scallopinis on spinach/broccoli/cauliflower/carrot/sliced almond salad with udo's oil, nutritional yeast and olive oil
half a banana, handful of trail mix (dried cranberries, cashews and almonds), some triscuits and almond butter
stir fry with asparagus, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, kung pao vegan chicken.
2L water
2 new chapter everyday men's multi's
contrast shower for 10 mins 

Win A Pete Wentz-Signed Billboard

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When Pete Wentz stopped by Billboard's Los Angeles HQ for a live video chat -- answering fan tweets -- he was also nice enough to autograph two copies of Billboard for fans to win. Ready for your chance? Just fill in the form below by Aug. 17, 2010.

Pete Wentz Signed Billboard Contest

Two lucky fans will each score an issue of Billboard autographed by Pete Wentz! Just fill in the form completely by Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010 to enter to win. Only one entry per day, please.

(Courtesy of: www.billboard.com)

NEW Update from Pete Wentz.com !!! 0.93

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i would not put this past chris nolan. totally adds another layer to the movie. dreams inside dreams.

OCD Facts You Never Knew About Joe Trohman

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I'm personally of the belief that there's a little OCD hiding somewhere in all of us, which is probably why I find A&E's show Obsessed so compelling. And as I recently discovered, I'm not alone.

Fall Out Boys/The Damned Things guitarist Joe Trohman is also a fan of the show, having happened upon it while flying Jet Blue.

"Friends had told me that I'd really like it because it's like weirdoes like me," shared Trohman during our phone interview for the Fender News article you can find here. "So I checked it out, but I'm not nearly as bad as what you see on that show."

Well, not since meeting his fiancé, Marie, anyhow.

NEW Update from Pete Wentz.com !!! 0.92

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one of my favorite collabs of the year so far. the real McCoys and co. x dr. romanelli - widow maker. super lmtd.

Trohman Births The Damned Things

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Written by Chrissy Mauck

For fans of world-renowned emo rockers Fall Out Boy, the involvement of drummer Andy Hurley and guitarist Joe Trohman in the Damned Things - a new heavy rock supergroup also featuring metalcore vocalist Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die and Anthrax axe royalty Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano - might seem like trying to mix oil and water.

But for Trohman, a longtime Anthrax fan with deep-seated classic rock and metal inclinations, the Damned Things feels like a long-awaited realization of his true self.

"I loved doing Fall Out Boy, but it became less representative of me over time and more representative of other personalities, which is fine; it is just what happened," says Trohman during a recent phone interview with Fender News. "I still love Fall Out Boy and it's much a part of me, but it's definitely awesome to just go out there and play guitar how I naturally play; play what I've been itching to do for a long time. So it's nice to go out there and play some really riff-y stuff and maybe rip a couple of leads and solos here and there, and to do some things guitar-wise that would be inappropriate with Fall Out Boy."

Fuck City Blog Updates: 7.26.10 workout; flood; 7.22.10 workout; 7.24.10 workout

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Workout 1:

10 minute Row @ Easy Pace


6x500m Row For Time

Rest 4 minute between each piece 


20 minute Row @ Easy Pace to Cool Down

•500m times-1:48.5 /1:49.4 /1:55.2 /1:54.7 /1:58.1 /1:58

Workout 2:

100x TGU @ 15# KB (50 right, 50 left)


my view on the rower


Ashlee, Pete And Bronx's Weekend Ending Family Outing

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Bringing an end to the weekend with a little quality family time, Ashlee Simpson held onto hubby Pete Wentz with one hand and carried Bronx Mowgli with the other while running around Sherman Oaks, California on Sunday (July 25).

The happy couple paid a visit to a local toy store to dote on their growing boy while also grabbing up a bite to eat at Baja Fresh, as Pete tweeted, "Went to baja fresh ended up in line for all time low signing."

Ashlee, who's currently working on her fourth album, recently spoke with press about family life and her precious boy.

Of giving Bronx a sibling, Miss Simpson tells, "We would love to have a big family. (But) you can never plan something like that."

As for his great strides in development, Ashlee enthusiastically said, "Every day is like a milestone, I swear. It is the best thing. I mean, being a mother, taking the time that I have taken off just to be with him has really been incredible. Every day he is learning something new and growing. It is fantastic. I feel very fortunate."

(Courtesy of: www.celebrity-gossip.net )

+ more pics HERE in gallery

NEW Update from Pete Wentz.com !!! 0.91

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becoming. visited dr. romanelli today - bumped into kanye. tripped over both names that i dropped. dunking from the key.

NEW Update from Pete Wentz.com !!! 0.90

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bl4ck c4rds japanese denim lands c/o: our friend drx. more of everything soon. eyes on you.

FOBR News Update: Help Fall Out Boy Save The Music !!!

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Help Fall Out Boy Save The Music

By: girlbehindthecurtain on Jul 14, 2010

Hey folks, long time no speak! Hope all is well. I've come to you today with an important message. The VH1 Save The Music Foundation has been named a competitor for the Pepsi Refresh project this July! They have a chance to win $250,000 to help restore instrumental music in 8 public elementary and/or middle schools. It would be the absolute world if you lent a hand and helped. Get to votin' & more details here.

 XO - girlbehindthecurtain

25 Years of Off-The-Wall Moments in AP History

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Patrick Stump

"The reason a lot of bands are disposable is because they're leeching off their peers. The bands we play with don't influence us and that's not because we don't like them-it's because they're still playing."

Oh, if only Patrick Stump only knew how many bands abandoned their jobs bagging groceries and inventorying light bulbs at Lowe's after hearing Take This To Your Grave for the first time. The FALL OUT BOY frontman made his case in AP 193, the band's first AP cover. 

Clandestine Blog Updates... 2010/July

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Our buddy Evan Taubenfeld released a brand new video for his song "Pumpkin Pie" yesterday. Check out beach blond E. Taub's getting picked on by Courtney Love and reppin' our Rik Lee tee! What do you think of the video?

The Damned Things Video Interview

23. července 2010 v 10:04 | LiL Pete |  INTERVIEW
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Watch the interview with Joe and Scott here because there seems to be no embed code thingy.


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Just because Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz don't speak Spanish, doesn't mean their 20-month-old son Bronx Mowgli can't.

"He's speaking some Spanish!" the Fall Out Boy father gushed to us at VH1′s Do Something Awards in Hollywood of the toddler's recent milestones. "He's started saying, 'Sí.' I always ask him stuff, and he'll be like, 'Sí."

"I speak pretty bad Spanish but we have this fantastic nanny and she speaks Spanish to him," Wentz explained. "I think it's really important to be global."

Meanwhile, Wentz also revealed he's a freshly-minted fan of our favorite vampire series True Blood.

"Ashlee's the one who got me into it," Wentz said.

What's the appeal?

For him, he simply says, "It's a really great show." But for Ashlee, he smiled, "maybe it's because they have great looking guys."

(Courtesy of: EOnline.com)

Wentz family out & about Hollywood...

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Now that she's virtually given up her singing and acting career, Ashlee Simpson is settling well into her role of mom and wife.
Joined by hubby Pete Wentz, the 25-year-old domestic diva appeared in good spirits as she took her 20-month-old son Bronx Mowgli to a playdate in Hollywood on Sunday (July 18).

Meanwhile, when she's not taking care of her family, it appears Ashlee keeps herself busy by watching True Blood.

Sam Trammell, who plays shapeshifter Sam Merlotte on HBO's sexy supernatural series, learned he has some very famous female fans when he helped out at Larry King's telethon for the oil spill last month.

"This guy Pete Wentz, who is Ashlee Simpson's husband, wanted to take my picture for Ashlee," he tells the New York Post. "I was sitting between him and Nicole Richie. I felt like I was in a club. I was waiting for Lindsay Lohan to throw a drink on me."

Fuck City Blog Update: 7.20.10 sleep/diet/recovery

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8.5 hrs


organic/natural granola cereal with rice milk, almond slices, udo's oil, half a banana slices

other half of banana, dry roasted almonds, glass of choc soy milk

handful of salted whole foods mixed nuts

maple nut clif bar

too many cashew cheese nachos with guacamole and salsa, half a cup of cream of broccoli soup, seasonal greens/seasonal veggies/quinoa/marinated tofu with peanut sauce, yerba mate latte


Behind the scenes of Fall Out Boy's AP magazine cover shoot

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Clandestine Blog Update: This story had us laughing :)

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This story had us laughing :)

So there I was. Newport and Clark, Chicago Illinois. I was naked, cold, and afraid. I stumbled to and fro, banging on doors, asking for a home for the night, just to get out of the cold. A blanket was throw at me for I was exposing myself to the cold Chicago lakefront elements (and various nighttime commuters). I spun around and was shocked to find that - yes - it was Pete Wentz's "Clandestine Industries" door that was ajar and that - sweet tapdancing Jesus - THEY HAD CLOTHES. I pounded my feet on the pavement and exclaimed "Oodelally! Golly what a day!" and rushed into the enclave of fashion, my eyes dancing out of my head and my brain already hurting from seeing so much color and wonder.I wanted everything in the store, but the kindly punk rocker behind thecounter wagged his finger. "Tsk tsk!" he said, "You can't carryEVERYTHING!". I nodded sheepishly. "How about a Bat-heart-wing-thingysweathirt?" he said, and just as I was about to felate him out of puregratitude he handed it to me and for once dear reader I was warm again.Not just warm because of the sweatshirt, but because OF THE LOVE OFCLANDESTINE INDUSTRIES. - Ned Hepburn