Wrigleyville Biz Spot: Pete Wentz's former hair salon gets Roc makeover

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John Lendman on 08.10.10 at 9:00 AM

(Left photo by John Lendman/ RedEye, right photo courtesy of Roc Star)

Roc Star Hair Salon
952 W. Newport Ave.
Grand opening forthcoming, currently styling by appointment

In the rock music scene, whether you're a performer or a performer's stylist, it's all about who you know and the name you've made for yourself.
So when local music mogul Pete Wentz of punk/pop band Fall Out Boy wanted to expand his clothing line Clandestine Industries into a styling salon, he honed in on his hometown of Chicago. He plucked his own punk rock hair stylist, Brandon Roc, from a neighboring shop to join Clandestine Industries Salon on Clark Street and Newport Avenue three years ago.
Flash forward to about a month ago, and Pete Wentz's Clandestine Industries has left the salon industry, Roc said. Supposedly a T-shirt and hoodie line doesn't sell as well surrounded by clippers and hair products. For Roc, an opportunity presented itself. And come mid-September, Roc Star Hair Salon will emerge serving bands and rockers rolling through Chicago and those wanting to look like them.

But how is Roc Star Hair Salon different from Clandestine? Roc said his new salon will be more than just emo-scenester hair and guy-liner, but a full rock/metal/custom boutique salon.
This means his styling team will cover creative hair coloring (a term he uses frequently to describe how he can texturize and color hair to look like fire for example), extensions, waxing and makeup.
Clients will be on the same level as Courtney Love's band Hole (which came to him a few weeks ago when the band played The Vic) and even bridal parties, he said.
"We definitely take a really eclectic approach to hair with the different elements and aspects we do," Roc told RedEye between styling artists performing last weekend at Lollapalooza. "We have a full staff that makes us one amazing unit."
THE GIST: Roc Star will be a full-service, four-tier salon with a custom built wax/extension room and will be constructed with multiple curtains to protect the privacy of incoming high-profile musicians. The silver and black trim walls will complement bluish-grey accents, Roc said. The logo is based on a tattoo he has of a mohawk-clad skull with cutting sheers instead of cross bones under it.
WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Haircuts will start at $35 to $65, depending on the stylist (Bravo's "Sheer Genius" stylist, Ben Mollin, will be in periodically). Specialty services involving graphic designs with clippers start at $35 and extensions will start at $85 an hour. Roc Star Hair Salon's creative color services will start at $60.
GO HERE IF ... You're looking for a hair style beyond a commercial salon, you have an event or ceremony coming up that requires a little more attention for your hair, or you just want to try something different with your hair or makeup--with a rocker edge.
PETE WENTZ AS A BOSS: "Pete's a great guy, and the events we did for companies he knew around Chicago were amazing," Roc said. "I'll definitely miss him as a boss and as a client, but I think we'll do more things with him in the future for sure."
GRAND OPENING: Roc is hoping for a Grand Opening block party next month that will shut down the Clark, Newport and Sheffield corridor where the salon is based. 

(Courtesy of: www.chicagonow.com )


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